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Ashlar is a open source Django based tool that provides a way of attaching flexible metadata to geospatial records. The technology supports the following functionality:

  • Editing data schema using a graphical user interface
  • Validating data entry against configured schema
  • Storage of related entities within a single record
  • Fast filtering on user-defined field values
  • Geospatial filtering
  • Auto-generation of frontend display elements such as filter controls to match active schema

This purpose of this project is to build on existing work to create a proof-of-concept static site or mobile data collection app based around flexible data schemas.



In the beginning of the project you will prepare by:

  • Familiarization with Ashlar project
  • Familiarization with DRIVER projects

Coding Phase 1

In this phase you will create a data specification for Ashlar.

  • Create specification (ideally in JSONSchema) for Ashlar data modeling conventions

Coding Phase 2

In this phase of coding, you will be exploring a low-cost backend option for Ashlar.

  • Evaluate and choose a cloud-based NoSQL provider to serve as a data layer.

Coding Phase 3

There are a couple of options for the final phase:

Option 1

Create a static app which can filter and display polygons and points on a map using the data store chosen previously.

Option 2

Create a proof-of-concept application for data collection, including:

  • Familiarize with DRIVER-Android project
  • Create an data collection Android app which auto-generates forms and allows filled-in forms to be pushed to the data store chosen previously.
  • Python experience
  • Django experience preferred
  • Javascript experience preferred


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