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OpenTripPlanner is an open source multi-modal trip planner that utilizes OpenStreetMap and GTFS data for journey planning. Azavea has utilized OpenTripPlanner in a number of our professional services work with great success. This project is about contributing back to the OpenTripPlanner project.

While we don’t have exact changes to OpenTripPlanner in mind, there are a number of open issues and a lot of potential to make impactful contributions to the project. The mentors have significant experience with the project and will be able to guide you through the codebase and the contribution process. If you have your own ideas on improvements to OpenTripPlanner, let us know!



In the beginning of the project you will prepare by:

  • Familiarization with OpenTripPlanner project
  • Introducing yourself to the community and understanding their contribution process
  • Creating a roadmap of issues to tackle

Coding Phase 1: Bug Bashing and Documentation

In this coding phase, you will begin making small contributions. The best way to start contributing to an open source project is to start small. Once you get the swing of things, it will be easier to move on to bigger challenges.

  • Close out a few easy issues
  • Contribute some documentation
  • Get some pull requests accepted!

Coding Phase 2: Tackle larger issue

After becoming a contributor, you will work with the core committers and the community to find a larger task to take on, either by coming up with one yourself or finding a pre-existing issue to tackle.

  • Work with the community to decide on a larger feature or fix

Coding Phase 3: Document your experience

Contributing to open source projects is always a unique and rich experience. You’ll write a blog post to help others that are interested in contributing to OpenTripPlanner and open source in general, and to document your experience. Depending on the issue tackled, this could a technical demonstration (like a demo site) to show off your new feature.

  • Write a blog post
  • Keep contributing! There’s more work to be done and someone has to do it, right?
  • Python
  • Data analysis and visualizations skills
  • Java Scala preferred
  • Scala preferred
  • Experience with graph algorithms a plus
  • Knowledge of spatial statistics a plus


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