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# Why is there a hiatus for Summer 2021?

Azavea will not be running the Fellowship in Summer 2021. This is due to the company staff workload, resourcing priorities and the lack of available mentors this summer. We aim to run the program again next year.

# What are the requirements to be accepted for Azavea Fellowship?

  • You must meet the eligibility requirements found on the About page
  • You’ll be an Azavea employee during the fellowship, so you’ll need to sign an employment agreement
  • Sign a Contributor License Agreement if the open source project requires one
  • Be able to work full-time in our Philadelphia office
  • Choose a proposed project or submit you own idea

# What if I have my own project idea?

We encourage applicants to submit their own project ideas. Feel free to reach out to us to submit your own project proposals and see if we can match a mentor with your idea.

# What is the timeline for the application?

See the timeline on the About page.

# What are my obligations as a student during the Azavea Fellowship Program?

  • Work full-time in our Philadelphia office
  • Be communicative with your mentor and other Azavea staff as you work on your project
  • Participate in the open source community by being active on mailing lists, on GitHub, in Gitter, etc.
  • Create contributions to the open source community as part of this fellowship

We also hope that you’ll embrace an atmosphere that encourages learning, professional development, and good times!

# Apart from the stipend, am I eligible for other benefits?

Although this fellowship program has a specific term limit, Azavea offers some additional benefits beyond the stipend, including:

  • Applicants that live outside the Philadelphia region will be eligible for assistance with relocation expenses on a discretionary basis.
  • Public Transit reimbursement: We encourage people to use public transit as an alternative to a car. We will reimburse you for your monthly public transit costs up to a maximum of $230/month.
  • Bicycle reimbursement: If you use a bike instead of walking or public transit, we will reimburse you for their monthly bicycle costs for commuting (including repairs, helmet, or purchase price of the bicycle) up to a maximum of $20/month. (Please note that due to IRS regulations, this benefit is mutually exclusive with the public transit benefit).
  • Flex Time options: Coordinate with your mentor if you need to come in late or leave early and make up the time when it works.
  • Federal Holiday: One day of paid holiday leave on July 4th.
  • Paid Sick Leave: One day of paid sick leave is available, should you need it.

# How can I help to promote this program?

If you know students who might be interested in our program, please send them a link to the application.

If you are interested in proposing additional collaboration or need other supporting material, please contact us at PeopleOps@azavea.com.

# What if I have additional questions?

Please email us at fellowship@azavea.com with any additional questions.

Until next time

The fellowship is taking a hiatus for Summer 2021.

Azavea will not be running the Open Source Fellowship in Summer 2021. Sign up for notifications about future opportunities.